In search of more animals to join my circus, I took my quest deep into the safari of South Africa.

On my guided safari tour I saw leopards, pythons, crocodiles, mambas, parrots, eagles, chimpanzees, gorillas and even okapi, a cross between a zebra and a short giraffe.

All of the animals were amazing, but none gave me the same electrifying feeling I had when I first saw Buddy.

As I kept trekking I noticed a herd of elephants wallowing in the muddy water. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a silly looking elephant. He was separated from the herd, standing on one foot and balancing quite well. I watched as he did this for five minutes without fault.

Intrigued, I asked my tour guide about this elephant and his unique balancing skills. He said the elephant's name was Splash and that he was no ordinary elephant. Splash had dreamed of joining the circus, but he never grew to the size or weight of all the other elephants and just kept practicing his tricks in the safari.

What luck! After hearing this, I had to invite Splash to join my circus act. I skipped over to introduce myself and immediately asked Splash how he got his name. As I waited to hear him say that he liked swimming or cannonballs, he caught me totally off guard and completely soaked me with water from his trunk! I guess that explains it! While standing there soaking wet, I asked Splash if he'd like to accompany me on my quest to create the most captivating, crowd-pleasing, fan friendly, laugh until you soil yourself-or get splashed-circus in the world. With a big grin, and balancing on one leg, he happily soaked me again with a trunk full of water. I'm going to take that as a YES!

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